Pivotal Leadership:
Doing What Matters, When it Matters

a Noble Executive Mastery Program on Leading Through Crisis and Beyond


Why this Mastery Program?

Because there is no "Easy" button in this unprecedented crisis.

Today, more than ever, leadership excellence is in high demand. People are watching how leaders treat their customers and their most vulnerable employees, and that will live on long after the pandemic and resulting quarantines end. The time is now to be the best for your team, your clients, and customers.

Those of you at the top know that everyone is looking to you for guidance, direction, certainty. But where do you look? In the coming months, you are going to need to know how to PIVOT. Create a crisis leadership strategy, master your triggers, coach your team to a healthy feedback-rich culture, build resilience, hold critical conversations with heart, and build trust and independence across your teams, and add a dash of community and fun!

Who’s this Mastery Program for?

  • Senior leaders with “the buck stops here” decision-making responsibilities
  • VPs, Executive Directors, General Managers, or Directors with teams and direct reports
  • Leaders who must inspire and demonstrate leadership in action
  • Leaders who honor the vital imperative for responsible and meaningful communication
  • Leaders who want independent, trustworthy, and energized direct reports
  • Leaders with a vision for a world-class culture able to face any conflict, change, or crisis

You will:

Create, scrutinize, and iterate your new crisis leadership strategy

Learn how to model excellent communication skills up, down and across the organization

Activate team responsibility, accountability, and follow-through

Empower employees to make more independent decisions

Increase trust and strengthen organizational camaraderie and cohesion

Cultivate your team's expertise and galvanize their skills, competencies and talents

Be Proactive. Prepare to Lead. Do it Now.


Christina Dyer is the founder of Noble Executive Leadership, an executive coaching and culture change consulting company; and Noble Adventures, where she leads servant-led executive adventure retreats for personal and professional development. She is a culture and change consultant for SweetRush, an award-winning eLearning company that is 100% virtual with 250 employees all over the world. She is a contributing author of “Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women”, and a Certified Executive Coach with the #1 coaching company in the world, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Her mission is to help leaders create workplaces that are engaging, inspiring, and diverse centers of excellence and achievement.

Dr. Jim Bitter
Diplomat in Adlerian Psychology
"What makes Christina truly remarkable is the common language and concern she brings to facilitating change. Since she sees people as both unique entities and parts of systems, she is able to bring a very wide focus to personal experience and to facilitate change joining, reframing, and creating options. I have seen her take leadership positions with great competence and effectiveness, and I have seen her find ways to contribute to others without taking over. To me, Christina is the complete professional: a great mind, a warm and caring heart; a creative and inventive personality on a rock-solid foundation."
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