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Executive Coaching

Are you pressed to improve leadership performance with greater consistency and effectiveness? Do you measure qualitative and quantitative performance for all of your employees?

Culture Development

How do you honor communication that builds trust? Do your employees focus on their own continuous improvement - as it relates to the mission and vision of your company?

Leadership Adventures

How do you plan to stay relevant with your team today and in the future? Are you attracting and retaining excellent high potential leaders to invest their future in the future of your business?

We Believe That When One Succeeds,
We All Succeed

The major leadership challenge for managers and executives today is not understanding the practice of leadership, but practicing their understanding of leadership.

Christina uses a structured process involving key stakeholders (boss, peers and direct reports) in her coaching process to immediately impact the daily actions of the leader with the stakeholders on the job.

Leaders become more accountable, effective, and positive. The resulting changes are recognized, acknowledged, and measured by the stakeholders. Results are sustainable and guaranteed.



As a Certified Executive Coach, Christina is proud to use the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology which guarantees measurable leadership growth, and has been used by more than 150 of the Fortune 500 companies. The process has proven to enable successful people to lead more effectively through long-term change in leadership behavior by using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient.


We were a very successful team who took our performance to the next level. With Marshall's help we identified our two areas and went to work. We used everyone's help and support, exceeded our improvement expectations and had fun! A team's dedication to continuous improvement combined with Marshall's proven process ROCKS!

Alan Mulally - CEO Ford Motor Company
3rd Best Leader in the World by Fortune Magazine in 2014

Awareness is Not Enough...

Action is Key

The Courage to Grow...

Coaching frequently focuses on assessing leadership effectiveness and action planning which results in a strong emphasis on awareness and acceptance. Though this step is critical at the outset of the coaching process as it defines the 'intent of the leader to change', it often results in a long list of good intentions that may not happen.

The Humility to Listen...

Our Stakeholder Centered Coaching takes the leadership change process further, outside the leader's office, and into their work environment with the stakeholders. Stakeholders can provide important and insightful suggestions for behavioral change that would help leaders to become more effective on the job.

The Discipline to Act...

Our process includes a strong emphasis on action, implementation and follow-through to make change stick, thus creating more effective leadership behaviors and habits. Leadership growth has real value when the change is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by all stakeholders.

A comprehensive study among 11,000 business leaders on 4 continents concluded that 95% of leaders who consistently applied the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness. This study is described ‘Leadership is a contact sport’.

The extraordinary dwells within your ordinary everyday life. Create enduring greatness in your life through honest reflection, courageous trust, and a sustained commitment to your highest purpose. To lead with excellence, you must rise up, do the work, stand strong and lead with vision, wisdom and courage...

~ Christina Dyer ~

Seven Phases of our

1 on 1 Year-long Stakeholder Centered Executive Coaching Program

for Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth

OUR HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND TIME EFFICIENT PROCESS is structured and easily customized to fit the needs of the leader or the organization.

Organizations that use Stakeholder Centered Coaching for

Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth


A truly powerful system that drives organizational performance and culture change.

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